A woman in California sought back child support payments totaling $150,000+ – 50 years later. Toni Anderson filed the paperwork decades after her ex-husband abandoned his responsibilities to his toddler daughter.

After the couple divorced in the 1970s, Anderson said her “deadbeat ex” moved to Canada and avoided paying child support. She didn’t push the issue and took care of her daughter by herself, eventually sending her to college.

The 74-year-old San Diego resident worked as an interior designer to hold things down. Anderson, now a retiree, had an epiphany one night and started to dig back into her old child support case. At the time, her ex was ordered to pay $160 per month.

Although he returned to the States, he never paid the arrears – until now. Fortunately for Anderson, there is not a statute of limitations on child support in California. With the accrued interest of 10% and back payments, it turns out he now owes about $170,000.

It’s not unheard of for court-ordered child support arrears to be paid to adult children that never received it. Some parents have their wages garnished as the courts catch up to those who shirked their responsibilities.

Anderson’s daughter, now 52, will benefit from the arrangement that resulted in a huge settlement. She says she wants her story to be an example for other single moms out there. Take notes!

Watch the clip below to hear the steps Anderson took to go after her ex and the final outcome.


Can you relate to this woman’s plight? Have you had to fight to get a child support order fulfilled? How long did it take or are you still waiting?