When you go to the grocery store to buy broccoli, you probably expect to be getting what you pay for – broccoli. Well, one customer ended up with broccoli and butterflies, but it didn’t start out that way.

Warning: after you read this, you’re probably going to look a lot more closely at your broccoli before you eat it or cook it.

When Sam Darlaston got home from Tesco, he noticed something weird when he looked at his broccoli. There was a green caterpillar in the package. Instead of returning the broccoli or throwing it away, he did something many people wouldn’t do. He kept the caterpillar as a pet.

If you know very much about caterpillars, you know that they eventually become butterflies. Yes, we’re talking in the plural because when Darlaston went back to Tesco for more broccoli, he ended up with even more caterpillars.

Scroll down to read the entire, bizarre story for yourself.

  1. This Is How It All Started

  2. He Actually Named the Caterpillar

  3. And So It Continues

  4. He’s Keeping These As Well

  5. And Then There Were 7

  6. Cedric Is Changing

  7. Caterpillar Romance

  8. Cedric Is a Chrysalis

  9. It’s Time for New Vanilla Sticks

  10. We Don’t Blame Her

  11. A Caterpillar Eating Broccoli

  12. Only One Left

  13. See the Difference?

  14. The 1st Butterfly

  15. Before and After

  16. Releasing the Butterflies

  17. Croc Is a Butterfly Too

  18. Make That 3 Butterflies

  19. Another Butterfly Release

  20. The Final 2

Tesco ended up responding to Darlaston’s Twitter thread about the caterpillars asking for more details and a picture of the packaging.

Meanwhile, other Twitter users shared that they too have found caterpillars in with their broccoli, and apparently, it has been happening for a very long time. Yikes!

What would you do if you found a caterpillar on a piece of broccoli? Would you name it and keep it as a pet?