Can You Find the Cat Hidden in This Picture in Under 30 Seconds?

We don’t know about you, but we love a good optical illusion. Whether it’s a number puzzle or something to do with shapes and lines, we find them endlessly entertaining. They’re challenging for your eyes and your mind, plus they’re fun to solve solo or with a group of friends!

But this is one of the hardest visual puzzles we’ve ever attempted.

The illusion is just a snippet of an outdoor landscape: a dusty field with patches of golden, dead grass, behind which is a decaying stone wall and an old dirt road. One simple question is asked, to find something that’s lurking in the scene.

Oh, and you only have 30 seconds to find it. As if this wasn’t challenging enough!

Whatever it is that’s hiding is extremely well-camouflaged into this background is nearly impossible to find! Let alone finding it in only half a minute. In fact, only 5% of the people who tried to solve this test actually succeed, which is a pretty good indication of just how difficult this puzzle is.

Try watching the video below for a few more hints as to what it is you’re looking for. Then check out the scene and see if you can find what’s hidden in this landscape in only 30 seconds — if you can, you may very well be a genius!

If you can’t find what everyone’s looking for in the time limit, that’s okay! You are CERTAINLY not alone. Truth be told, we couldn’t even do it in only 30 seconds. Don’t get discouraged after half a minute has gone by, see if you can find what’s hiding at all, even if 30 seconds is up.

Should you crack the code, make sure to share this optical illusion to boast about your success! Then challenge your friends to see if they can do as well as you did.

Good luck!