Some people love cake decorating. For baking enthusiasts everywhere, finding the most beautiful arrangement of chocolate shavings or nailing the perfectly smooth look of your (undoubtedly homemade) buttercream frosting is a thrill. But for the rest of us? Most of us cannot even deal with this final step in the process of cake preparation.

I mean, come on, I took the time to make this boxed cake recipe and be attentive enough so that the cake didn’t burn. Haven’t I done enough? Do I really have to make the painstaking effort to get this frosting evenly spread around this entire thing? We all know how it’s going to come out – lumpy, uneven, and probably with pieces of cake visibly mixed in with the frosting.

If you’re really not about that life, boy, do we have the ultimate hack for you. This is hands-down the easiest way to frost a cake, no debate there. All it takes is about two minutes of your time, frosting, and a microwave.

Pouring melted frosting onto cake.PureWow

You read that right – no silverware required. No frosting knives, nothing.

Things just got interesting.

Here’s what you’ll need and what you’ll need to do to get the job done.



  1. Put your cooled cake on a cake rack. Put that cake rack over a baking sheet to make clean up a breeze.
  2. Open up your frosting can (PLEASE take off the aluminum seal) and pop the whole container in the microwave. Heat up the container for 30 seconds at a time until the frosting can be poured.
  3. Add a few drop of food coloring if desired. Stir the frosting with anything you’d like (a spoon, a chopstick, ect.) so it’s smooth and the color is even.
  4. Pour the frosting all over the cake, thoroughly coating the cake all over.
  5. Add sprinkles or any other fun toppings. Enjoy!

Magical, isn’t it? This is the ultimate hack for the lazy baker.

It’s a great excuse to purchase canned frosting (although, if you wanted to make your own frosting, you could still do this technique with a microwave safe bowl) and it’s going to come out looking fabulous. The melted frosting coats the whole cake perfectly and also leaves you no excuse but to use the whole can. Aww, too bad.

If you put a baking sheet underneath, clean up is simple. Simply wash off your baking sheet and wipe off the bottom of the baking rack, where the frosting has inevitably been dripping. If you want to make things even easier, put a piece of tin foil or parchment paper under your baking rack. When it’s time to clean, all you have to do is ball up the paper and toss it out.

Almost as simple as the frosting itself.

Now that you have all this time and energy that you saved with this frosting trick, you can take some time to do fun, extra decorations – we love the idea of fun sprinkles, as if it were a giant cupcake. You could even kick your feet up and relax or, heck, get that bad boy in your tummy pronto.

Those are some well-organized priorities, if we do say so ourselves.

Thanks to PureWow for this stroke of genius. What do you think of this frosting hack? Share your thought in the comments section below.