Sometimes it’s hard to get through your fruit before it gets too ripe – especially true for bananas! No matter how few you buy, it seems there’s always at least one that gets speckly and brown before making it to your cereal bowl.

What do you do with those brown guys? Toss them? Put them in the fridge in hopes of making banana bread (who’s got time to remember getting the other ingredients at the store?!).

Here’s a quick tip you’ll be glad to have, that’ll save you money year round and expand the number of easy fixes for your family.

1. Peel those over ripe bananas and group them 2-3 to a zip loc bag (or roll in plastic wrap).

2. Stick them in the freezer door.

3. In the spring and summer, stick one whole, frozen banana in the blender with a half cup of another frozen fruit, (or just two bananas), a tablespoon of peanut butter and a cup of fat free milk or yogurt and blend! It’s a super simple breakfast that’ll get you and your kids a ton of your fruits and veggies for the day while serving as a healthy sweet treat!


You can take the overly ripe banana and skewer it on a chopstick before freezing. Then, one night for dessert, you can melt a handful of chocolate chips, cover the banana and roll in nuts or sprinkles. A great, healthy dessert alternative that you don’t have to feel guilty for craving!