Does anyone else get hungry just hearing the words “baked potato”? For me, baked potatoes are an easy and oh so delicious meal that you can make any time of day (even breakfast, if you’re hardcore like that). But while the end result is mouthwatering, the process of baking that potato varies. No matter which way you swear by, take a look at this brilliant potato baking method. It looks a little bizarre…but that soft, cheesy potato at the end is completely worth it. Watch the video below to learn this new technique!

After watching in awe a few times, I think this method can be broken down into 3 simple steps:

1. Slice the top off to form an oval.
2. Add some rings inside.
3. Cut the edges of the potato outward.

After baking in tin foil for an hour, cover the top of the potato with cheese and stick it back in for an additional five minutes, just to get that cheese all gooey and warm. Then, add a layer of bacon bits and ANOTHER layer of cheese and put that bad boy back in the oven for the final five minutes.

It might be a bit more of a process than sticking the potato in the microwave and hitting “Baked Potato” but there is no other way to get a potato this delicious.

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