Bring More Clothes in a Suitcase with This Brilliant Packing Trick

To any over-packers out there, I feel your pain. When you’re getting ready to go on vacation – whether it’s an overnight or a week-long getaway – you’re not entirely sure what you’ll need. What if it rains? What if there’s a pool and you want to take a swim? What if you need a slightly fancier outfit for a surprise dinner? There are so many factors you can’t really take into account. More often than not, this mindset leads to a heavy, overstuffed suitcase. One that usually doesn’t want to zip up.

Worse, what if you only have a tiny little suitcase to work with and all these potential clothing scenarios? What do you do then? Suitcases are expensive and if you’re packing the night before (fess up, we all do it) you probably don’t have time to buy a bigger bag to accommodate your multiple outfit variations.

No need to stress before vacation! You can get all your clothes – and we mean ALL you clothes – neatly packed into a small suitcase using this simple trick.

All you need to pull off this brilliant packing hack? A pair of socks. And if you’re struggling with an over-packing situation, you most likely have a pair of socks to spare.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to make all your outfits instantly compact!


  • Outfit of Choice
  • Pair of Socks


  1. Lay out your outfit of choice in the following order: your shirt, on top of which will be your folded pants, and your underwear.
  2. Take two pairs of long socks and place them at the top of your shirt, with both sock openings facing out.
  3. Roll the outfit down firmly, wrapping the socks within the bundle of clothes.
  4. You’ll be left with a bundle and the two ends of your socks sticking out. Roll both of the socks down so that they cover and contain your clothing bundle securely.

Without having to buy any extra tools or materials, you can turn and entire outfit into a neat little package that will easily fit in any suitcase. Heck, it will barely take up any room! Truthfully, your clothes are actually packing themselves, which is just weirdly cool.

By using this packing trick, you can easily fit all of your clothing options into a tiny suitcase without a problem. You may actually have room for other things, like toiletries, shoes, or books! How crazy.

Frankly, you may have to pay a small expense for this otherwise free hack; buying new tube socks. I don’t know about you, but I only have a pair or two of tall socks like the ones this trick requires. I’m sure this will be especially true with most ladies.

While this is a price, it’s a small one to pay for neat, compact outfits that will free up so much valuable packing space. Not only that, but you can then use the tube socks afterwards! If you’re thinking, “When will I ever wear these socks?” consider them as comfy footwear for lounging around the house or even to use in the winter under riding boots.

Bottom line: it’s worth it.

What do you think of this packing hack? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.