When you picture your dream home, what do you think of? Do you think of extravagance and extra space? Or do you think of a place that you can afford twice over, that has everything you need, and can go anywhere your heart desires? The latter was the dream of the Morrisons. Their dream home may not look like your typically “dream home,” but the impressively tiny house has all the space they need with all of the bells and whistles they required. Best of all, the house only cost them $22,000. They live mortgage free, and they attribute this perk to improving their quality of life and their marriage.

Let’s take a peek inside the Morrison’s tiny dream home:

This view shows us a TV nook perfect for playing the guitar, a reading nook with a fireplace by the door, and a desk that converts into a dining room table.

The spacious kitchen has an oven, fridge and sink (and we even spy a little wine rack)

Under the stairs provides all the storage space they need

The bedroom fits a large dresser and a queen-sized bed

The little bathroom has high-tech plumbing and a shower

Best of all, the house is on wheels, so it can go anywhere that a car would go!

What do you think? Could you trade in your home for a tiny home like this?