The Amazing Way This Dad Calms His Blind and Deaf Baby

If you’ve ever raised a newborn, then you know just how difficult it can be to get those little guys to stop crying when they are upset. When food, lullabies, or even their favorite TV show doesn’t cease the screaming, you know it’s time to get creative. Take the daddy in today’s viral clip, for instance. He manages to calm his special needs son with one swift (and funny!) move.

You see, whenever the infant starts crying, the resourceful poppa simply blows a raspberry on his son’s face. It’s something that may not work on all kids, but the act does wonders for baby Gideon. In the video’s description, his mother, Samantha Jolicoeur explains why:

Before we got his PBD [peroxisomal biogenesis disorder] diagnosis, we found it odd that this was the ONLY way we could stop Gideon from crying. Once we knew he was blind and deaf, this made so much more sense! He still loves this, and is now 4 years old!

Due to his disabilities, Gideon has to experience the world around him through touch. His proud momma says that because of that fact, the entire family (including the tyke’s little bro and big sis) do everything they can to interact with him on a physical level.

And, though Gideon sure does love the raspberries he gets from his daddy, it turns out that his absolute FAVORITE part of the day is bath time. In a video on the family’s YouTube channel, Life With a Happy Heart, Samantha writes that the now 4-year-old loves the water so much that they make a point of never missing a bubble session. Cute!

happy toddler in bathLife With a Happy Heart

A little boy’s scary diagnosis

Unfortunately, Gideon’s sight and hearing problems are not the only medical conditions that this boy has had to endure in his young life. He was born with an incurable disease called peroxisomal biogenesis disorder, a condition that comes along with some heartbreaking symptoms, including liver problems and a shortened life span. Very sad stuff.

With that said, it’s clear that Gideon truly is a fighter, and so are his parents. On raising this special child, his mother writes:

I remember the day Gideon was diagnosed. We still had tears fresh on our face and we looked at each other and agreed that any kids we have don’t belong to us anyways because they’re on loan. They truly are a gift from a God.

What an incredible perspective this mom has. Gideon sure is lucky to have such a supportive family, and it seems they feel quite lucky to have him, too. How moving!

Now that you know all about this amazing little tyke, it’s time for you to watch the very clip that made him so famous on YouTube. To see the hilarious interaction between Gideon and his funny poppa, be sure to click on the video below. These two are so sweet!

What do you think of Gideon’s dad’s unusual method for calming his son? Do you do this with your own children? Have you been affected by peroxisomal biogenesis disorder? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!