Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons- Stack & Don’t Expire

At least at our local BB&B (Bed,Bath&Beyond) coupons don’t expire and they don’t hold to the “restrictions” clause at the bottom. I save these coupons (I’m on the mailing list-get yourself on there too!). They will even let you use up to 5 coupons on 5 separate items per shopping trip.

The other day I went there to buy off a wedding registry…I picked a set of dishes for about $24.99, then threw in 3 / $1.99 hygiene items plus a 30 pack of Breath-Rite strips for over $10…they took my $2 off Breath-Rite strip coupon, then 5 BB&B coupons for I think 20% off each individual item…my cost was about $32 I think when all was said and done! Not bad!