Home security cameras allow you to know what’s going on when you’re not around. People use them to monitor their kids and for having peace of mind just in case something not so good happens while away.

Set up at the right angles, you can get clear shots of everyone and everything. That includes unsuspecting robbers who might think they’re getting away with bad deeds. One woman had such a setup for her home in Vail, Colorado.

Katie Hawley didn’t expect to come home and find her place ransacked. Most of the action took place in her kitchen and living room. When she called the police, they took the usual steps of locating the source of the break-in and trying to narrow down suspects.

Something on the scene was very telling. Something that the officer picked up on before asking Katie to see her security footage. He had an idea of who the burglar was, and how he was able to get into the house. To verify his hunch, he had Katie pull up the recording. He was right: it was a bear!
Using the window as an opportunity, it climbed in to look for food. Watching the video, you’ll hear a bunch of noise in the first few moments and notice a hairy form on the left side of the frame. Suddenly, the bear jumps into the living room. He wastes no time making himself at home.

Image of bear in the house.Katie Hawley
Like a scene out of a revenge on Goldilocks movie, the bear starts checking out his findings. He spends some time wandering the room, and then stops to play the piano. How can you be mad at that? Since that got boring, he looks for something else to do. Upstairs it is.
According to a story on Fox 31 in Denver, upstairs in the kitchen is where the bear really had fun. He pigged out on some peanut butter that he opened himself, some chocolate chips, and then raided the freezer for a batch of frozen berries. Why steal picnic baskets when this is so much easier? It wouldn’t be a total shock if he decided to test out all the mattresses in the place either. Why not?
Katie told the news station that although her family loves bears, she’s not a fan of them being in her house. She also wasn’t a fan of his attempt to play the piano, but found it entertaining. What surprised her most of all was that the bear didn’t get stuck in the house. He arrived by window and left the same way. All in all, she took it in good and fun stride.
It was a good thing she caught this on camera so the police wouldn’t spend their time looking for a human intruder. Instead of warning locals about a burglar on the loose, they encouraged folks to bearproof their homes.
Watch the funny moment when the bear goes Mozart. Can you imagine what would have happened if this guy brought some accomplices along? Food binge, good music, and nap time.

What do you think of this funny burglary caught on video? Has your house ever been invaded by animals?