With the 4th of July weekend almost here, many people are looking for something fun to do with their friends and family. In the age of COVID-19, large gatherings are highly frowned upon, and many fireworks shows have been completely canceled. What’s a safe patriotic way to celebrate?

Going to the beach might sound like a safe way to celebrate America’s independence, but the risk of catching or spreading COVID-19 at the beach depends on several factors like how crowded the beaches are and if the people who go there practice social distancing and wear face masks.

Many popular beaches are going to be closed this holiday weekend. The worry is that if the beaches were opened, they might be packed with visitors and increase the outbreak of COVID-19. 

Meanwhile, some states have decided to keep their beaches open. Instead of closing the beaches, they are handing out masks and encouraging social distancing by putting up signs to help beachgoers know exactly what 6 feet looks like.

The decision about whether or not a beach will be open is up to the local government. It’s a state by state and city by city decision. For example, beaches in Los Angeles will be closed but they will remain open in nearby San Diego county. Basically, before you plan a trip to the beach, weigh the risk and check to make sure the beach you plan to visit will be open.

Watch the video below to learn more about why some beaches will be closed over the 4th of July weekend and what you can do to stay safe if you plan to visit the beach.

Do you think beaches should be open this weekend? How are you planning to celebrate the 4th of July this year?