When the family of this little baby sits down for dinner, they join hands and say grace. It’s a pretty typical dinnertime routine for some families, but there’s something particularly funny about this pre-meal ritual.

Here’s a clue: watch the baby. While it might seem like she’s too young to really understand what’s going on, the way she responds to the ritual suggests she’s learning fast.

Dinner is all set on the table, including some baby food for this little one, who’s sitting shirtless in a highchair. But before they dig in, they decide to pray. Like clockwork, the family members take hands – including the baby!

We can’t see if her parents are doing the same, but suddenly, the baby closes her eyes in prayer. We hear a thumping sound, which we quickly gather is the baby banging her feet underneath her tray table! She seems squirmy as if she’s acutely aware of the fact that first, they have to do this ritual…THEN she gets to eat dinner!

Still, even though she’s probably anxious to get to the food, the baby looks impassioned by the prayer. She has a kind of fixed, concentrated look on her face, and we can’t help but wonder if she has any REAL idea of what they’re doing.

Whether she does or not, she’s into it, we can tell that much.

Dad says a very sweet prayer thanking God for their food, his “beautiful girls,” and hoping that they will all be kept healthy and safe. Once he’s done, the baby immediately knows it – and she knows what to do!

As soon as the final words of the prayer leave her dad’s lips, this little girl lets go of her parents’ hands, stops pounding her feet below the tabletop, and very excitedly make a proclamation. It sounds to us something like, “Abah!” but we can’t be 100% sure what she means to say.

We wouldn’t have known that she was saying “Amen” to wrap up the prayer if her mom hadn’t said it herself. But when she does, we realize the baby was just ending prayer with her parents! How adorable is that?

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