Update: Apple has disabled the Group FaceTime feature that was linked to the security bug. I am still disabling the FaceTime feature on my phone until they release a software update later this week to be on the safe side.

If you have an Apple iPhone, iPad, or any device with FaceTime, you might want to disable the FaceTime feature until a known eavesdropping bug gets fixed.

A bug, that Apple has confirmed, let users users listen in on people they’re calling, even if those people don’t answer the phone call.

Not only could people listen to you; a user could see you through the front-facing camera without you having picked up the call.

The bug was first flagged and verified by publication 9to5mac on Monday

Apple is currently working on a fix for the issue and will release it later this week. Until the new release is issued, Apple suggests users disable FaceTime if they are worried about being listened in on.

So be sure to update your Apple devices when they receive updates later this week. I will also be placing my iPhone on it’s back so people can’t see me through the front facing camera.