21-Year-Old Amish Woman Receives a Stunning Hair Makeover

Finding a “holy grail” hairstyle can make a massive difference in a person’s overall appearance. Thankfully, Glamour has been going around the nation to visit those who are still searching for a hair style they love. Today, we are going to meet Sarah, an Amish woman who is looking for a ‘do that will bridge the gap between her sheltered home life and that of the outside world.

Theodore Leaf, a master hair stylist, is given the challenging task to completely transform 21-year-old Sarah’s hair. Amish women are traditionally told to leave their hair partially covered and as simple as possible. Because of this, our heroine has never dyed her hair or received a dramatic cut.

When asked about her customary bonnet, Sarah explains: “You always just wear the cap and your hair is just flipped back in a barrette. It’s an act of modesty.” It seems that Sarah doesn’t love having to hide her mane, but it definitely sounds like it would be easier to get ready in the morning!

So, why did Sarah decide to ditch the cap and ask Glamour Magazine for help with her hair in the first place? Well, she says that she’s “up for adventure.” Right on, girl! Trusting a stylist with such a personal task is certainly adventurous.

Now, I know what most of you are thinking—as an Amish woman, isn’t she expected to wear her cap all of the time?

Well, not exactly. Sarah explains that the Amish partake in something called Rumspringa. It is a time when young people are encouraged to participate in traditional Western society. It is then that she can really explore typical American life and let her hair down— figuratively and literally.

For her consultation, Sarah remains surprisingly open to the ideas that Leaf throws at her—she did say that she is adventurous! Her stylist talks her into lightening up her locks. As the old adage goes: blondes have more fun!

Leaf also plans out her cut. He’s focused on giving her as much movement as possible, so he explains that body-enhancing layers will do the trick.

Thankfully, he does take her cap into consideration, since she will be wearing it most of the time. The challenge here is to find a style that is truly versatile, whether she is wearing her hair partially covered or fully loose.

During her dye and cut, Sarah asks some important logistical questions about her new ‘do. For instance, since she mostly lives an Amish lifestyle, she is unable to use electricity at home, which means no blow dryer or styling tools.

Leaf tells her that because she can’t use a dryer, it’s “all about hair products.” He goes on to say, “Foams are really good because they can add a little wave and conditioning to your hair. Braid-setting overnight is good, like a long braid and you sleep in it . . . and when you wake up, you have waves, so it adds texture to your hair.” Great tips for anyone trying to avoid styling without heat!

When the cut is finished, Sarah takes a look in the mirror and is absolutely elated!

She does look great. Her friend Laura even admits that her hair looks “hot.” Agreed.

Watch the video below to see how Theodore Leaf turns this Amish girl into a golden goddess.

What do you think of Sarah’s new hair? Have you ever had a complete hair makeover? What is your styling routine? Tell us all about your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!