If you see someone with stunning nail art chances are she’s using several of these nail art secrets:

1. Gel Pens help create awesome art

Use a gel pen to draw designs on your nails. Black works best. Leave ample time for drying.
1Nail Art Couture
1.1Nail Art Couture

2. Use a dot grid to paint straight lines

2Nail Art 101

3. Use thin nail tape to create designs

3Wacky Laki

4. Mix your own glitter enamel

4The Crafted Sparrow

5. Beautiful turquoise stone using a plastic wrapper

5The Beauty Department

6. A cotton wad on a toothpick is perfect clean up


7. For French manicures use tip dips


8. Or use a rubber band

8Nail Nerd

9. Use hole puncher with tape for beautiful designs

9Sellz Cute Things

10. Paint on your own nail decals

10Oh So Pretty The Diaries

11. Use eyeliner pencil to apply rhinestones.

11All Women Stalk

12. Use a nail glitter pen to hide any uneven lines


13. Use mechanical pencil to make tiny dots.

13The Beauty Department

14. Use an old piece of lace to paint over nails


15. Get a gradient effect with glitter nail polish and a sponge


16. Holographic rainbow nails

17More Nail Polish

17. Carve out eraser tops to make a leopard stamp.

18The Bottomles Spaddling Pool

18. Create a cool holographic foil manicure in under five minutes.


tutorial via Bella Sugar

19. Want clors to Pop -Paint on a white base coat

19Michelle Phan

20. Write on your nails with a Sharpie!


Use rubbing alcohol to take it off! More ideas:
20.1The Beauty Department

21. Ombre nails without the sponge


22. Want colorful stripes – use a fan brush


23. Soak a sponge in acetone and stuff it into acetone for an easy way to remove nail polish