When you board an airplane, you never know who is going to be sitting near you. You never know if there’s going to be a baby crying on the plane or an inconsiderate person who tilts their seat back so far that it’s practically in your lap.

TikTok user janelleelise was on an airplane in November when she saw drama go down in the seats in front of her. Instead of saying anything, she wisely kept her comments to herself and simply started filming the scene.

When janelleelise’s video starts, we see two passengers. One woman with really long hair has flipped her hair back over her seat. Most likely she didn’t realize that her hair was so long that it had covered the TV screen on the back of her seat.

The passenger behind the passenger with long hair decides to have a little fun with the hair covering her screen. Instead of kindly asking the passenger is move her hair, she does some pretty mean things. For starters, she sticks gum in the woman’s hair. Then she uses fingernail clippers to cut off pieces of the hair. She even sticks part of the hair in her coffee cup.

At one point a flight attendant walks past the dramatic scene, but she chooses not to say or do anything to stop the drama that is unfolding. Watch the scene for yourself below.

@janelleeliseWhose side are you on?! ##ohno ##toxic ##drama ##airplane ##travel ##GivingThanks♬ Oh No – Kreepa

The text that goes along with the video reads, “Whose side are you on?!” Many TikTok users took the side of the passenger who messed up the woman’s long hair.

One viewer wrote, “i fully support their actions.”

Another comment reads, “At first I didn’t agree but then she kept flipping it back and ugh.”

Other TikTok users are convinced this scene is completely staged and that the woman with the long hair is actually wearing a wig and in on the joke. One person wrote, “Come on that’s a wig!!! Totally staged!!!You think after she flipped it she didn’t feel all that stuff in her hair!”

One TikTok user wrote, “99% it’s staged but she deserves it lol”

Yet other TikTok users are on the side of the flight attendant who chose to stay out of the situation.

Do you think this video was staged? If it were a real situation and someone flipped their hair over your screen on an airplane, how would you react?