Family is something a lot of us take for granted. We may have brothers and/or sisters we grow up fighting with, arguing with, but always loving. We may have parents who become our best friends or who we think are always trying to prevent us from having fun. 

No matter what our family looks like, we should try to remember to appreciate them and remember that not everyone is so lucky that they have a place to call home.

Jordan and his younger brother, Braison, were featured in a news clip three years ago. At the time, Jordan said the brothers “like to do anything together,” yet the brothers didn’t get to see each other as often as normal brothers would since they were living in separate foster homes. 

Since that news clip aired, Braison has been adopted. Jordan is now 9-years-old, and he has been in the foster care system for 6 years. He wants nothing more than to have a family to call his own.

Jordan doesn’t get to Braison very much anymore, but more than seeing his brother, he wants a mom and/or a dad of his very own. That’s what is most important to him. 

Oklahoma City news station KFOR caught up with Jordan recently and featured him in a segment called “A Place to Call Home.” In the segment, when asked where he would go if he could go anywhere in the world, he said “an adoption party for a home.” When he was asked if he could have three wishes granted what would they be, he said “family.” That’s his only wish – a family. He went on to add, “I would just like to have a family to call mom and dad or just mom or just dad. I don’t really care.”

Watch the “A Place to Call Home” segment featuring Jordan in the video below.


Since the segment aired, over 5,000 people inquired about Jordan. According to Christopher Marlowe, Jordan’s OKDHS permanency planning worker, “We’ve had a couple of families that expressed interest in adoption but after we did disclosures, the families decided that it wasn’t the right fit for them or their family at this time, so we’ve had some difficulty finding placement for him.” 

Yet, there is hope for Jordan. In an ideal situation, Jordan would not just have a mom and/or a dad but would also be able to see his brother again. Marlowe said, “His brother’s adoptive family has been agreeable to that and even if things go well, they said they would be willing to take them out on day passes so they could spend some good quality time together.”

Hopefully Jordan will find a family of his own very soon.