9 Types of Flowers That Will Survive the Harsh Summer Heat

Thinking about starting a flower garden this summer? We don’t blame you. Gardening is a great hobby, plus it doesn’t hurt that guests are always so impressed by how beautiful everything looks.

Our number one tip when starting a garden in the summer? Make sure you’re planting flowers that thrive in hot temperatures. Unfortunately, not all blooms are created equal. Some are able to stand up to summer heat much better than others can. And if you live in an area that’s particularly scorching during the summer months, you’ll really want to pay attention here.

If you want to avoid a garden of dead flowers, you probably want to plant some of these flowers—that you can bet will survive even on the sunniest of days.

  1. Amaranth

    Not only can amaranthus (its proper name) hold up to heat, it’s gorgeous to boot. It can grow up to six feet tall and comes in lots of vibrant colors, from red and orange, to green, purple, and even gold.

  2. Zagreb Threadleaf Tickseed

    These happy yellow buds actually thrive on heat and humidity, so they’re the perfect summer flower. They add a pop of fun color to any garden, or will even look great in a hanging basket on the porch.

  3. Lantana

    Flower experts say not to plant this bloom in areas where temperatures can go below 60°F—so this one just doesn’t do well in the cold, but you know it’ll hold up to the high heat. Lantana can grow 1-6 feet tall, giving your backyard or garden some gorgeous red, pink, orange, purple, white or cream hues. Just remember that the berries are toxic, so you’ll probably want to find a non-fruit variety of lantana.

  4. Baby Petite Lily of the Nile

    Even the name sounds pretty! Don’t you think? These baby blue blooms are sure to last all season long, and even into the fall as well. They add a calming hue to wherever you put ‘em.

  5. Scarlet Bottlebrush

    This sassy evergreen shrub is just what it sounds like—the flowers are shaped as bottle brushes, and they’re so vibrant and gorgeous, they’ll be the star of your summer garden.

  6. Goldsturm Black-Eyed Susan

    This floral just screams summer time. These golden flowers are known for attracting butterflies while the seed is favored by birds. So as long as you’re okay with fun insects and animals in your garden, go for this guy.

  7. Marigold

    Though “gold” is in their name, these luscious guys come in bright, warm yellow and orange hues, and are perfect to plant in the summer. Not only do they thrive off sunshine, they don’t even need that much maintenence—so if you’re planning a few vacations this summer, this is a top pick.

  8. Aster

    Commonly rich purple in color, this magical-looking perennial also comes in bright pink or white as well. It’s a tough one in that it bodes well in the heat, but also looks super dainty in any garden. They’ll likely last all through the fall months, too.

  9. Zinnia

    These stunning flowers look expensive, but they’re actually pretty cheap, and will add just the right pop you’re looking for. Like the Goldsturm Black-Eyed Susan, Zinnias attract butterflies. All the more reason to plant them, at least in our opinion!

How gorgeous are some of these flowers? Are you excited to start your summer garden now? Isn’t it great that these blooms can uphold even the highest of heat? Which flowers will you be planting this season?