Gardening season is here, but you don’t have to reach very far into your pocket to enjoy gardening. With some creative solutions and planning, you can have a beautiful garden and not spend a fortune. Check out some of the tips provided by Frugal Village:

  1. Check Classifieds: look for ads from people who are moving and/or redoing their landscaping. Some will even offer plants for free if you remove and haul them.
  2. Catalogs: sign up for garden and seed company catalogs and newsletters. Many will offer promotions and specials, especially for first-time buyers. Look on their websites for coupon codes as well.
  3. Driving: keep your eyes peeled when you’re out and about. If you see construction crews or landscapers hauling material, ask whether they have plants that they’re throwing away. You might also see signs advertising a plant sale in someone’s home.
  4. Seed Saving: don’t forget to save seeds from plants. You can go to for a list of seed-saving possibilities. You can expand your own garden with seeds or use them as objects to trade with other gardeners.
  5. Farmers and Flea Markets: prices for plants are usually much less than prices at retail stores. Some vendors will be open to haggling, too.

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