With healthcare in the news these days, we thought it would be appropriate to provide tips for how to save on medical bills. We came across an article on Bankrate.com that can help.

. . . many medical bills are negotiable, and providers are often willing to lower them. It’s just a matter of reading the right documents, asking the right questions and negotiating with the right person.

For example, Bankrate suggests that you ask your doctor about discount rates, particularly if you don’t have health insurance. Apparently doctors typically charge private-paying patients 35-40% less than what doctors charge insurance firms:. According to the article, “Insurers usually pay just 40 percent of doctors’ fees. That’s why doctors charge them such astronomical sums.”

They also suggest that you inquire about prompt-pay discounts, where you pay either at the time of service or within 30 days of the first statement date.

Another tip? Ask for an itemized bill:

“If your bill looks too high, you may have been billed for services you didn’t receive. Ask for an itemized bill from your provider, says [Mark] Rukavina. If there are suspicious charges, pursue billing revisions before paying.”

Here’s a quick list of the seven tips, but be sure to click through the link at the bottom of this post to read the full article, as each of these tips is explained in detail.

  1. Ask for Discounts
  2. Ask About a Prompt-Payment Discount
  3. Ask About a Financial Assistance Program
  4. Ask for an Itemized Bill
  5. Ask for Your Medical Records
  6. Ask to Speak to a Supervisor
  7. Turn to Your State for Help

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7 ways to cut health care costs (Source: Bankrate.com)