7 Essential Hacks for Glasses Wearers

If glasses are an essential part of your life, you know that they are extremely helpful (and perhaps stylish). But being a glasses wearer comes with its own challenges. Check out 7 tricks that we think every glasses wearer should know to make life a little less stressful:

  1. In a pinch, you can see without your glasses using your hands:
  2. Put a strip of glow tape or glow in the dark paint on your case so you can find it in the dark:
  3. Reach for the shampoo more easily:
  4. Adjust the nose pads by putting your glasses on a flat surface. That way, you’ll more easily see their relation to each other:
  5. Secret weapon for safe and effective cleaning:
  6. Extend the life of your glasses by taking care of them properly. That way, you don’t waste unnecessary money on extra pairs.
  7. Lost your glasses? Near-sighted people can use their phones to see a little bit more clearly: