Spilling something on your couch can be extremely frustrating, but removing spots and stains doesn’t have to involved expensive upholstery cleaning services. Check out some tips for spot-cleaning your upholstery on the cheap:

  1. To get rid of red wine stains, blot up what you can with a paper towel, then mix a tsp of dish soap with a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Blot this mixture onto the stain while you hold a dry towel behind the fabric to soak it up. You can also try this method on carpet, clothing and other fabrics.
  2. To get rid of coffee stains, mix an egg yolk with luke-warm water and rub on the problem spot.
  3. For any stain, fill a container with half dish soap and half water. Use a hand mixer to whip these together, then use a rag to rub the froth into the spot. Rinse with water once you’re done.

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