When it comes to penny-pinching home improvement, there are plenty of projects that’ll add value to your home without subtracting too much money from your wallet. As long as you take the do-it-yourself approach, you’ll achieve attention-grabbing curb appeal and interior designer looks with just a little elbow grease and a small chunk of change. So, when it comes to DIY on a dime, here are six home improvement projects that’ll make that old home of yours look new again.

The One Wall Wonder

If you’re looking for a drastic change without a lot of effort, freshening up your tired walls with vibrant and bold paint colors will definitely do the trick. And, in keeping with the frugal DIY spirit, painting one wall with an eye-catching color is better than painting all your walls the same color.

A dominant, bold-colored wall breaks up the monotony of white that many homes suffer from and, the best part is, you’ll make a huge painting statement without spending the money and time it takes to paint the entire house. Likewise, if painting just isn’t your thing, wallpapering a dominant wall has the same effect.

Cut the Clutter

Feng Shui is a home improvement challenge for just about everyone, considering one of the problems with clearing and straightening up cramped and cluttered spaces is coming up with necessary storage space. That’s where shelving and designated storage areas come into play.

Adding shelving to interior spaces is cheap, easy, and can improve the livability of any room in the house. Whether you go the pre-manufactured closet-shelving route or the stylish bracket and board custom look, getting your house in order with DIY storage solutions will transform your living space on a miniscule budget.

Shed Some Light

When your house suffers from a lack of natural light, it makes rooms seem smaller and spaces feel drab. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to lighten up your home’s interior spaces without taking up precious square footage with bulky tables and clutter, causing dust on lamps and lampshades.

Track lighting is quick and easy to install, it’s great for accenting particular parts of a room or highlighting hanging pictures, and it comes in an endless variety of styles. Likewise, recessed lighting is a minimalist option that takes a bit more DIY skill, but is just as affordable, effective, and provides plenty of light.

Landscaping With Curb Appeal

When your front yard looks like a barren wasteland, it takes away from the curb appeal of your otherwise beautiful and charming house. But, by simply adding foliage in the form of trees, hedges, shrubs, and colorful plant life lining walkways and front entranceway, you’ll transform your home into an impressive oasis.

In addition, shade-producing foliage, such as sun-blocking bushes and hedges, help cut cooling costs during those hot summer months. So, for Houston TX new homes, landscaping is an affordable home improvement option that’ll add curb appeal and lower cooling costs – a money-saving win-win.

Home-Improving Energy Efficiency

Sometimes, the best home improvements are the ones you never see. Such is the case with DIY improvements in your home’s heating and cooling system. So, choose either the early morning or after dark when it’s naturally cooler, grab a roll of metal-backed tape, and re-tape all your heating and cooling duct seals.

Likewise, beefing up your attic’s insulation by adding a layer of fiberglass sheet or loose-fill insulation is an affordable energy efficiency option. And, while you’re at it, replacing worn and torn weather-stripping around doors will help keep all that heating and cooling from leaving your house while keeping money in your pocket.

A Backyard Getaway

There are plenty of homeowners that consider their backyards a home away from home. And, transforming your backyard space into a welcoming oasis is as easy as adding some appropriately placed, shade-conscious pavers, a few strands of festive string lights, and an outdoor dining table set, complete with an umbrella or two.

This may sound expensive, but second-hand outdoor furniture and accessories are a cost-friendly option. Outdoor chairs and tables are built with durability in mind and are a breeze to repaint, so buying them used is no big deal. And, re-purposed bricks make perfect backyard-transforming pavers at a fraction of the cost.

So, when it comes to DIY home improvement on a tight budget, follow some of the money-saving tips above and make your home feel like home again.


Image via Flickr by Peg Syverson