How to Open a Plastic Package When You Don’t Have Scissors

In the modern day and age, we’ve made some pretty amazing advances. Besides the obvious, like cell phones and computers, we’ll be adopting self-driving cars in the future for goodness sake! But there’s simply one issue that, for some odd reason, we haven’t been able to fix: Plastic packages.

You know what we’re talking about: You order a new kitchen gadget or toy in the mail, and you’re so excited to open it and use it when it gets to your home. But low and behold, you raise an eyebrow when you pull it out of the box and see it came in a plastic package that not even the Hulk could pry open with his bare bands.

The package is sealed so tightly shut, that there’s no use even trying to open it with anything but some kind of tool. But if you grab a pair of scissors to cut it open, that could create a sharp edge that could cut you. And if you try to use a knife, then you could most certainly slip and hurt yourself.

So what are you supposed to do? How do manufacturers actually expect us to open those dang packages?

Finally, BuzzFeed has come to our rescue. In one video, they show us an easy hack for those impossible-to-open plastic packages. Ironically, they use the example of opening a pair of scissors from that package! But they don’t use a scissor…they use something much more genius.

The video also offers some helpful tips for several other items that are difficult to budge—from pistachios to jars of nail polish even a simple snack bag (all incredibly hard to pry open!), among others.

Check out some great hacks that will not only help you open hard-to-open things without much fuss, they’ll also help you to open them without risking injury. Take a look at this video:

Do you struggle to open these items as well? Have you ever tried these hacks before?