Bridal showers can be pricey, especially if you’re planning them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dazzle the bride with an impressive gift without spending much more. Take a look at some cool homemade ideas that are bound to impress your bride:

Wedding Day Survival Kit

Put together an easy, but extremely useful, kit for the bride-to-be. Just head down to the dollar store and grab a plastic case that’s large enough to fill with goodies she may need on her big day, i.e. a packet of safety pins, bandages, stain wipes, a bottle of water and a packet of painkillers, clear nail polish, nail files, etc.

Thank You Cards

The bride and groom will have a lot of thank you cards to buy after receiving all of their presents on their wedding day, so why not gift them a kit for making their thank you cards? Jacqueline of Money Crashers loved her thank-you card gift at her wedding shower:

One of the most thoughtful gifts I was given at my bridal shower was a kit for making thank you cards. The giver had created a bag of pre-cut cards, and then added stickers, decals, die-cuts, and other embellishments, along with scissors and adhesive. As a busy new bride, I was so happy to have a way to say “thanks” for all of the people that helped with my wedding. While we ordered cards to send to all of the guests, I put together and mailed homemade thank you cards to caterers, florists, my dress seamstress, and other people who helped to make the day possible without actually attending the wedding.

Wedding Date Frame

Get the bride and groom started with a date frame that’s easy to make but impressive to give. First, find a frame with a few slots for 4″X6″ or 6″X7″ pictures (think discount or secondhand stores). Then use a simple Word program to type the date of the wedding in numbers big enough to fit the frame.

Once you’re happy with the size of the numbers, print them on cute scrapbooking paper. Patterned looks best, and it’ll add a pop of color to the project. When you’re finished printing, trim the paper down to fit the slots on your picture frame, and insert them in order. If the wedding date is July 12, 2013, the finished project should have “7 – 12 – 13” in the picture frame.

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