You’ve spent all morning (and perhaps the day before) preparing a feast for your family. The food is ready and hungry guests are ready to devour the meal. But wait a minute. You’ve realized there’s a problem. The turkey came out really dry or the stuffing is really soggy or [insert other food problem here]. What can you do to remedy these minor disasters that can happen at meal time to make sure you don’t waste the food you’ve spent the time and money on? Here are a few ideas from Wise Bread:

    1. Dry Turkey: there’s not much you can do to improve a dry bird, but a rich and juicy gravy can definitely help a bit. Try these gravy recipes from AllRecipes for some worthwhile ideas.
    2. Uninspired Side Dishes: butter and cream can be lifesavers for things like underwhelming mashed potatoes or over-wilted asparagus. Freshly crushed garlic can fix pretty much anything as well.
    3. Wet Stuffing: stuffing cooked in the turkey can easily come out soggy. Try removing the stuffing and putting it in a baking dish. Sop up extra liquid with some paper towels, then place dish in the oven at 350 degrees until it dries out, stirring occasionally.

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