Looking for a few fun and creative craft projects this winter? Thanks to ShelterPop.com, we discovered five interesting ways to make things using felt:

1. Pillow with rosette clusters:

Inspired, in part, by my diving vacations on coral reefs in the South China Sea, this design has a vital, dynamic quality, as the three-dimensional effect plays tricks with the eyes. The wonderful texture and depth of color have been created by folding small circles of bright orange cloth (either felt or felted wool) and packing them very tightly together on the base fabric in order to create a structure that seems alive, and screams out to be stroked.

2. Zebra-patterned felt rug — intended for a dorm room but could work in any many other rooms too:

Non-fraying felt makes this project a cinch, and the zebra motif will have your hallmates demanding where you found it. It’s so simple you can adjust the technique to make a rug in just about any size or style, including a welcome mat (or good-bye mat behind the door).

3. Tree-stump trivet:

As you wrap the felt strips, keep one side of the trivet flat, but don’t worry if the reverse is uneven (that side can face the table). These instructions can also be used to make coasters.

4. Reversible felt basket:

This is so simple I am almost embarrassed to call it a tutorial. The background on this is that when I buy fruit at our local farmer’s market it often comes in cardboard baskets like this one. I use them to store various little bits and pieces but sometimes I have more than enough and I have to flatten them to go into the recycling bin. The handle is removed and then the ends are unattached and one is left with the carcass of a basket.

5. Woven felt placemats:

Handmade placemats are a great way to add some color and a unique touch to your table. I wanted to create a modern set that would work well for outdoor dining in the summer that would also be easy to make. These woven felt placemats require no sewing so they can be a fun all-family project!

Five Felt Crafts for a Snuggly Winter

Homepage photo credit: Foxytocin