It’s an exciting time to be a coffee drinker. Not only do we have more options than ever before for flavorful varieties to drink at home, every day brings new, fun accessories or ways to make your kitchen feel like a comfy, inspiring cafe. The biggest game-changer, though, has been around for a while: coffee pods! This single-serve solution is perfect for the office or for families full of picky coffee drinkers, and they’re a great way to get variety in your coffee flavors without committing to a big bag of beans. Just one problem— how do we store all of those little pods? Most of us end up sacrificing a drawer to them, but there has to be a better way. Luckily, Gimoka Coffee has found all of the best, creative ways to take care of them, and we get to share them with you! Check out these FIVE fabulous ways to get your coffee pods not only organized, but part of your decor.

Coffee Pods Storage Solutions

Coffee Pods Storage Solutions Infographic by Gimoka Coffee UK

Smart options! We love the idea of repurposing old cookie tins, and of course we’re a big fan of the classic glass jar solution. Which one do you think you’ll try? How do YOU keep your single-serve coffee pods under control? Any smart ideas you think should be on this list?