A lot of events and performances have been canceled in 2020, but for some, there have been creative ways that have allowed the events to take place. People have gotten married in the street. Graduation ceremonies took place on Zoom. A dance recital took place outside while all the performers wore face masks.

The dance recital we mentioned is actually going viral on TikTok because of one 4-year-old girl named Charlie Cosby. Her family attended the recital, and they took videos with their cell phones, as one does. 

Charlie’s uncle, Caleb Collier, posted the video he took of his niece’s performance on TikTok, and it has since received over 4.4 million views. You might assume that she must be an amazing dancer in order to get so many views, and while she very well may be able to dance, that is definitely not why the video is so popular. 

In the video, Charlie is standing on stage with the other girls in her class. The teacher can be seen standing in front of them just below the stage. They are all wearing face masks with their costumes. The music starts. The other girls start dancing. Charlie does not move a muscle. She just stands their staring, and it looks like she’s sharing directly at her uncle’s cell phone probably watching her family watch her.

@chubbybeagleWent to my niece’s outdoor dance recital and witnessed this legend. ##dancrecital ##legend♬ original sound – chubbybeagle

Charlie’s mom, Tiffany Cosby, was surprised to find out that her daughter is famous on TikTok, but when she found out, she shared another video of Charlie not dancing with her brother so he could post it on TikTok too. This is the video she took with her phone.

@chubbybeagleWith permission from this icon’s mother, @cosbyt8 , here is the only movement recorded during her 6 minute performance ##dancrecital ##legend♬ original sound – chubbybeagle

 Charlie shared with BuzzFeed News that she later asked her daughter why she didn’t dance, and Charlie responded, “There were a lot of people.” It seems that the little girl simply had a case of stage fright, but the comments on TikTok are reading a lot more into it in a very positive way.

One comment reads, “idk why but i aspire to be her.” 

Another person wrote, “that girl summed up 2020 pretty well.”

Tiffany believes that the videos of Charlie are getting so much attention because her attitude fits 2020 so well.

During the show’s finale, Charlie was in the back row instead of the front row, and she surprised her family by actually dancing. Apparently, the front row was just too scary for her.