When you’re making spaghetti, you’re not likely to miss a noodle or two. So what are some other ways that you can make use of these uncooked noodles? Take a look at some ideas from Wonder How To:

Candle Lighter

Need to light a candle that buried in a deep glass candle holder? Just light the end of a long strand of uncooked spaghetti and lower it into the candle holder. You could also use a strand to light many candles at once, negating the need to waste several matches on one birthday cake, for instance.

Protect Frosting on a Cake

If you need to transport a cake somewhere, just stick some dry noodles into the top of the cake. Then you can wrap the whole thing with plastic wrap and avoid ruining your beautiful frosting job.

Hold Your Layered Cake in Place

While we’re on the topic of cake, you can stick dry spaghetti noodles into through layers of a layered cake to hold it in place while the frosting sets. You can simply remove the noodles when your cake is done setting.

Check if a Baked Good is Done

Use an uncooked noodle like a toothpick in a pinch to check if a baked good is wet or dry in the center.

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