Being a savvy home buyer isn’t easy, but when buying a home, you need to acquire a lot of knowledge to ensure you don’t get taken for a ride. The key to avoiding unnecessary closing costs, or any other costs, is to make sure you negotiate, and have enough information to negotiate with. Here are some tips from Real Estate Pro Articles:

  • Firstly, check with several different lenders and compare their estimates. Make sure you’re aggressive in your questioning and find out which estimates are firm and which have the potential of going up.
  • Search for the best priced title company or attorney. Then get them to put their price in writing so that you have something to challenge them with if the price mysteriously changes at closing.
  • Make sure you know the cap on mortgage broker fees in your state. Knowing the maximum allowed will give you negotiation power.
  • Check with the seller to see how old is their title insurance policy. If it is less than 10 years, ask for a copy. Then inquire about getting a reissue rate from your agent. Some policies can be reissued at a lower rate. Thus you save and avoid an unnecessary closing costs.

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