As tablet sales continue to rise, more and more people are replacing (or at the very least, complementing) their main computer or laptop with tablet computers. They’re super convenient, you can bring them just about anywhere, and they bridge the gap between smartphone and home computer as far as mobility.

Tablets are easy to use, but there are certain things you’ll want to know when it comes to caring for them. Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding caring for your tablet.

Don’t Cheat on Your Tablet’s Stylus

All styluses are not created equal. If your tablet came with one, don’t make the mistake of using one from a different device. Each tablet is different. You could end up with a gnarly, scratched up screen if you try to use a stylus that wasn’t designed for it. Avoid using other objects such as pens or other utensils to get the job done. If you lose yours, it’s best to order a new one from the company, rather than improvise with other objects.

On that same note, stick to the power cord that came with your device. Other cords might fit it, but using them could cause a headache. It may not charge as quickly, but it also might actually damage your tablet.

Vitamin D Not Required

People need a certain amount of vitamin D in their lives in order to be healthy. Your tablet, on the other hand, does not. Make sure to shield your tablet from direct sunlight. Since most tablet shells are made with aluminum, or are black in color, they heat up very quickly in direct sunlight, which could cause them to perform poorly, or worse, it could overheat.

Store your device away from heat sources too. That means radiators, stoves. Really, intense temperatures at either end of the spectrum can damage it too. So plan on not ever leaving it in your car, whether you live in a hot or a cold climate.

Stretch that Battery Life

Android apps keep working even while the device is in sleep mode. That’s typically a good thing, as it makes the startup process much easier, and keeps the information in the apps current. But it can dramatically reduce your battery life. Combat this by changing the Wifi Sleep Policy to sleep when the screen turns off. Do this by selecting Wireless Settings under the Wireless & Networks heading in the main Settings menu. Then select Wireless Settings, and then WiFi Sleep Policy.

Furthermore, don’t overcharge your device. If you continually charge it, you could significantly lower the battery life, and you’ll be wondering why you can’t keep a charge for longer than a few hours. Also, plan on charging it when it gets to about 50 percent, and let it get to a full 100 percent. Each discharge wears down the battery by a small amount. It’s not a lot, but over time it will make a difference in the life of your tablet. Be sure to research the battery life and any care tips provided as you’re choosing which tablet is best.

Protect Your Tablet

Make a conscious effort to develop the habit of always carrying your tablet in a protective case. Just as these cases protect smartphones from harm, they will play a huge role in protecting your precious tablet from being dropped, falling out of your bag, or being damaged by other objects in your purse, tote bag, or backpack. You can even find cases that protect your device from water damage, which is one of the biggest threats to its safety. Each time you drop your tablet, you run the risk of damaging the battery and other interior components, not to mention shattering the screen. Whether you have a protective case or not, plan on exercising extreme care as to not drop it.

Tablet sales are projected to surpass that of traditional computers, and even laptops soon. If you are thinking about adding a tablet to your barrage of personal devices, remember these tips, and you’ll surely enjoy a long and happy life together.

Author bio: Lionel Bryant is a resident of Tampa, FL. Recently graduating from the University of South Florida, where he received his degree in Marketing with a minor in English. He enjoys traveling, playing sports, and listening to music. Considered adventurous and spontaneous, Lionel is always interested in trying something new.