Here Are 30 Valentine’s Day Treats You Can Make Yourself

It seems like Christmas and New Year’s were just yesterday, but in reality, Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. How will you be showing your love this year? Since we all know that the best way to the heart is through the stomach, we’re betting you’re planning on some sweet treats! So go beyond cookies or the typical box of chocolates for some tasty dishes sure to delight your valentine, whether that valentine is your husband, your kids, or your best friend! Buzzfeed put together a list of their favorites, and it inspired us to make our own. This Valentine’s Day, why not make:

  1. Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies
    Kelsey's Kitchen via Buzzfeed

    We ALL get those little conversation heart candies every Valentine’s Day, but does anybody actually like them? Let’s make them better! Keep the sweet whimsy while upgrading the taste with these cool and creative cookies sure to please your sweetheart.
  2. Candy Conversation Hearts
    Barb Steinacker via Flickr

    Is your valentine one of the few people who actually eats those conversation hearts because he likes them, not just because of tradition? Totally blow his mind and make his day by whipping up some homemade versions!
  3. Cheesecake Conversation Hearts
    Hungry Happenings via Buzzfeed

    Just one more twist on those conversation hearts! These ones are made from cheesecake, and are perfectly portioned for dessert-for-two. Bonus— the creator of this treat, Hungry Happenings, also offers versions that get their colors from all-natural fruit purees!
  4. Heart-Shaped Pizza
    Delantales Personalizados

    Valentine’s Day is sweet, but that doesn’t mean the food has to be! Try savory options like this simple pizza . . .
  5. Tomato Heart Tarts
    Winos and Foodies via Buzzfeed

    . . . these easy tarts made with tomato, mustard and puff pastry . . .
  6. Tomato Soup and Heart-Shaped Grilled Cheese
    Make Myself at Home via Buzzfeed

    . . . or this easy twist on grilled cheese and tomato soup!
  7. Heart-Shaped Egg
    Huffington Post

    Begin your celebrating right at the start of Valentine’s Day with some breakfast love! These heart-shaped eggs are one of the easiest ways to do it, and the clever technique makes sure even the YOLKS get in on the holiday action.
  8. Heart Eggs-in-Toast
    Martha Stewart via Buzzfeed

    Want something just a little fancier than that last heart-egg idea? Then try this egg-in-toast recipe for a simple and special breakfast.
  9. Pink Valentine Pancakes
    Little Gray Fox via Buzzfeed

    Not a fan of eggs, or just want breakfast to be REALLY special? Then try these pancakes, which are not only heart-shaped, but PINK! And if your sweetie doesn’t like the color or you don’t like baking with food coloring, just leave the colorant out for natural-but-still-festive pancakes.
  10. Easy Chocolate Croissants

    Things don’t have to be heart-shaped to be perfect for the day of love! After all, what says romance more than chocolate wrapped inside a warm croissant? You can even use Valentine’s Day candy to make them!
  11. Pomegranate Chocolates
    Tip Hero

    Skip that box of chocolates everybody else buys last-minute and make THESE treats instead. The combination of chocolate and pomegranate seeds is not only delicious and romantic, they’re – dare we say it? – pretty sexy, too!
  12. Hidden Heart Chocolate Cake

    Is your love new? Are you somebody’s secret admirer? Or do you just want your Valentine’s treat to be a surprise? Then try making your sweetheart this cake that’s quite literally filled with love.
  13. Easy Heart Cake
    keko64 via Dollar Photo Club

    Feeling more out-spoken and want to just go for it with a heart-shaped cake, but don’t have a special pan? Use this method to bake it that only needs regular cake pans to make!
  14. Heart-Shaped Cupcakes

    Cupcakes were absolutely MADE for Valentine’s Day, don’t you think? These little cuties are not only topped with themed decorations, they’re actually in the shape of hearts, too!
  15. Nutella Soufflé
    Laura in the Kitchen

    Want to impress your valentine with a dessert that’s really special? Try making a soufflé, and not just any soufflé— a NUTELLA one!
  16. Chocolate Panini
    My Recipes

    Can’t get enough of Nutella? Then you’ll definitely want to try these panini, which also include semisweet chocolate chips for an extra-chocolatey, crispy treat.
  17. Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake

    These flavors don’t scream romance— they whisper it, sweet-nothing-style. And the fact that they’re featured in a cheesecake just makes it even more special and sophisticated.
  18. White and Dark Chocolate Pudding Parfaits
    My Recipes

    Want more desserts built for sharing during a romantic night in? Try these pudding parfaits that can be adjusted to your personal tastes – white or dark chocolate, raspberries or strawberries – and are totally easy to make . . .
  19. Strawberry Mousse with Meringue Hearts
    My Recipes

    . . . or this decadent strawberry mousse, made with only a few common ingredients.
  20. Strawberry Men
    Hey! It's Mosogourmet!! あっ、 妄想グルメだ!

    Need a treat that’s a little healthier but still sweet and fun? Try these strawberry “men” that will delight your kids or any valentine with a sense of humor and whimsy.
  21. Rose-Poached Pears
    My Recipes

    Everybody thinks of strawberries when they think of special fruits, but this year, expand your horizons! Pears, for example, naturally form a heart-shape, so they’re perfect for Valentine’s Day. This recipe uses rose wine for a poached treat that’s extra romantic.
  22. Cupid’s Arrow Tomatoes

    Fruit’s not the only thing you can transform for Valentine’s Day! These tomatoes have been pierced by Cupid’s arrow just in time to be the perfect appetizer.
  23. Green Salad with Pink Goat Cheese Hearts
    Joy the Baker via Buzzfeed

    Even salad can get in on the Valentine’s Day game! This recipe uses raw shredded beats to add flavor and color to goat cheese for a healthy dish that’s the perfect starter or side for a romantic meal.
  24. Heart Milk Cubes
    A Subtle Revelry via Buzzfeed

    Dress up even a simple glass of milk or cup of coffee with this clever idea! And don’t feel like you’re limited to milk— use any liquid to add fun taste to any drink.
  25. Double-Chocolate Heart Doughnuts
    Hungry Girl Por Vida via Buzzfeed

    For a great anytime snack that also feels like a sweet dessert, try doughnuts! These cakey ones are double-chocolate . . .
  26. Glaze-Dipped Heart Doughnuts
    Sugar & Cloth via Buzzfeed

    . . . while these ones are bite-sized and dipped in sweet pink glaze.
  27. Mini Red Velvet Whoopie Pies
    My Recipes

    It just wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without at least one red velvet recipe! While we love cupcakes and cookies, these whoopie pies are really something special! Plus, they’re miniature for bite-sized holiday fun.
  28. Cut-Out Heart Sprinkle Sandwich
    Ohhh Mhhh via Buzzfeed

    Love speaks all languages, and this German idea is just another example. All you need are butter, sprinkles, bread, a cookie cutter, and a somebody to delight.
  29. Heart Gumdrops
    Melissa's Cuisine via Buzzfeed

    These homemade candies are so impressive and also easier than you might think! The recipe should also be simple to adapt for your family’s dietary needs, so everybody gets some treats this year.
  30. Sweetheart Cherry Pies
    Cake Student via Buzzfeed

    These sweet and simple pies have a surprise inside: ricotta! It complements the cherries so well for a treat perfect for brunch, a snack, or any time your honey has a craving.

So many good choices! I don’t know where to start. What about you? Grab even more ideas from Buzzfeed’s original list, then tell us which ones you’ll be making for your valentine this year!