Instead of buying that expensive skin exfoliator or another overpriced skin treatment product, check the coffee maker you ran this morning. It turns out that those grinds can work magic, other than getting you caffeinated.

  • Used Coffee Grounds Exfoliant: mix used grounds in with your liquid cleanser. You can find recipes online, some of which add salt, sugar and olive oil.
  • Used Coffee Grounds Cellulite Treatment: the main ingredient in most overpriced cellulite treatments is caffeine. Just mix in some used grounds with your moisturizer.
  • Used Coffee Grounds to Enhance Hair Color: add 2 tbsp of coffee grounds to your shampoo to enhance color for brunettes and redheads. You can also saturate dry hair with brewed coffee or espresso and cover hair with a plastic shower cap for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

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