Is sour cream one of those ingredients that you only buy for specialty things like dip? Well, if you find yourself with a bit of extra sour cream in the fridge and no ideas for using it up, try one of these simple suggestions from The Kitchn:

  • Use in Baked Goods:

    This may sound strange, I’ll grant you that. But once you try this Chocolate Cake or these Strawberry Scones, you’ll change your tune. Sour cream makes these baked goods moist and tender, and the sour flavor actually complements many sweets quite well.

  • Toss with Pasta: use the same concept as you would with a beef stroganoff and toss a bowl of your favorite pasta dish with a bit of sour cream.
  • Add to Salad Dressings: whisk in a dab of sour cream with a homemade vinaigrette. You’ll give a bit of creamy decadence to your favorite salad. You could also use sour cream in place of buttermilk when making a veggie slaw, for example.

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