One universal fact about humans, across the board, is that we’re all curious to find out more about what kind of person we are. If someone from an alien species were to examine us as a people, they’d find hundreds of different ways that we strive to discover more about our personalities.

Anything from horoscopes, mood rings, personality tests (done from a million different angles), birthstones – we love delving into what makes us, us. It brings us comfort and a sense of control, it can even make us feel more in touch with who we identify as “our true selves.”

Now, some people might say that these methods of self-discovery are malarky, and some of them certainly are! But there are other ways to tap into our deep-down selves that are psychologically proven to be fairly accurate reflections.

This visual is one of those methods.

Brought to us by the website Life Coach Code, this fascinating image is meant to help the viewer determine how they approach their existence and what their strategy for self-realization is.

The trick is to look at the image quickly, taking note of what you notice first without thinking too much about it. Don’t over-analyze; just be honest about what caught your eye first! Depending on what you noticed right off the bat, it will put you into one of three categories that explore how you view your life and how you attempt to better yourself.

Obviously, these three categories are not the end-all when it comes to personality types, but the results are pretty interesting!

Here’s the image:

1. The Face

If you saw the outline of the face before anything else, you aim to create a perfect image of yourself.

This can be your external image which you create with physical things— i.e. clothes, makeup, accessories, property, social circles, friends, even romantic partners. You can also build your internal image with things like accomplishments, experiences, values, mastered talents, and memories.

However, striving to create this perfect image can be counterproductive, as it’s a bit of a forced illusion.

Your approach for self-actualization is outward. You start from your essence and you materialize it into an image you want to project out to the world.

While there’s nothing wrong with your approach, make sure the main purpose of building your image is not chasing approval from others.

2. The Brain/Tree

If you saw the purple tree (or if you thought it was a purple brain), you love learning new things. You’re likely a fan of supernatural phenomena, conspiracy theories, and mysteries.

You easily understand psychology and psychological concepts, and friends or family consider you very wise. You’re always trying to dig deeper and you strive to find the cosmic truth.

Your approach for self-actualization is inward. You start from the outside world, absorbing as much information as possible so you can form your own opinions about life. You don’t care how others perceive you; all you want is to find out who you really are and what you’re doing here.

Be careful not to lose yourself in your search for greater truth and meaning. Remember: you are not the answers that you find, you are the one who asks the questions.

3. The Birds/Nature

Just like the birds in this picture, you don’t like playing along with images that society tries to create; you’re a free spirit, and you’re eternally doing your own thing, no matter what anyone else says.

You do not try to create or find yourself, you just want to experience the world. This can make it hard to feel like you “fit in,” but you don’t really care! You would rather travel and explore, never staying in one place for too long.

To you, life is a party, not something to be taken too seriously. You value experience over any knowledge; sure, you absorb information, but nothing stays for too long. It’s there until it serves the purpose of creating the experience, and then you move onto the next adventure.

Your approach for self-actualization is radiant. It’s a mix of inward and outward with an emphasis on going forward. As you beam forward like a photon of light, unchained and dual in nature, you learn more about yourself and project more of yourself.

But your main purpose is to realize yourself and experience the world. You don’t really care about how others see you, or what’s the cosmic truth. You feel like a traveler on a vacation who is there just to explore and have fun.

Make sure to take care of your relationships. Even though nothing is permanent, the only time you will find purpose is when you build relationships with others.


How accurate were your results? Spot-on or not even close? Make sure to share your thoughts and share this image if you found the results interesting!