If you’re looking to update or add curtains to your home on the cheap, try out some of these fantastic tricks and tips found over at Just a Girl Blog:

Make Curtains from Tablecloths:

You can probably find tablecloths for a lot cheaper than you’d find awesome curtains. This tutorial shows you how to make beautiful curtains out of tablecloths with very minimal sewing.

No-Sew DIY Greek Key Curtain Panels:

With a bit of creativity, it’s easy to make great window dressings out of some cheap, simple white curtains. In this project, View Along the Way used Grosgrain ribbon to make the decorative accent.

Make Tab-Top Curtains Look like Custom Back-Tab Panels

Make any tab-top curtains look much classier with about 30 minutes of easy sewing. Take a look at View Along the Way’s trick!

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