Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a tree! But if you’re looking to move away from the sap and pine needles route this holiday season, there are a lot of creative, alternative trees that you can make yourself!


1. Word Tree

Enlist the kids to write your favorite verse or holiday quote on a canvas as your substitute tree.

Word Christmas TreeThe Wow Style



2. Napkin Tree

Don’t judge this tree by it’s size! Cute little tree napkins can bring some holiday spirit to your dinner.


Christmas-tree-napkin-fold.The Wow Style



3. Hanging Tree

This floating tree creates a very cool, avant-garde effect.

Hanging TreeThe Wow Style



4. Pallet Tree

This is a very rustic alternative take on the Christmas tree!


DIY-Pallet-Christmas-TreeThe Wow Style



5. Drawn Tree

If you have a someone in your family with a talent for drawing, get them to draw up a tree on a wall or butcher paper.

Drawn Christmas TreeThe Wow Style



6. Fingerprint Tree

This is such a cute craft to do with the kids!

Fingerprint-Christmas-Tree-The Wow Style



7. Frame Tree

This quirky compilation of frames makes for one cool Christmas tree.

Frame-TreeThe Wow Style



8. Stick Tree

Charlie Brown has the right idea. Get some sticks from your backyard and deck them up Christmas style.

Sticks TreeThe Wow Style



9. Wire Trees

White or holiday colored wire can be spiraled around tea lights and scattered around your house for some Christmas ambiance.

Wire TreeThe Wow Style



10. Christmas Tree Art

Why go through so much hassle when you can buy a piece of art to make your holidays bright?

Tree CanvasIkea



11. Ladder Tree

This is such a vintage, rustic alternative to a Christmas tree! Wrap it in tinsel and lights to get dress it up for the holidays.

Ladder TreeFunky Junk Interiors



12. Chalkboard Tree

Have a chalkboard or chalkboard wall in your house? Add a paper chain and you’ve got a tree!

Chalkboard TreeSimply Radiant



13. Plywood Tree

If you’re handy with a saw, cut out some plywood in a tree shape for a minimalist take on the tree.

Plywood TreeDeko



14. String Tree

Tack some string into a tree shape on the wall, and decorate it to your heart’s content!

string-art-christmas-treeMy Poppet Makers



15. Craft Stick Trees

Craft sticks can be bought at any craft or dollar store and when taped onto some foam cones, they make adorable tree decorations.

Craft Stick TreesMomtastic



16. Wood Dowel Tree

These wooden dowel trees have all the qualities of your traditional Christmas tree, but they give off an elegant vibe and stop pine needles from falling all over your floor!

Wood Dowel TreeEtsy



17. Wooden Pole Tree

If you can set up some poles to stand, drape them in tinsel to give it that Christmas tree feel.

Wood Pole TreeThe Jubiltree Company



18. Book Tree

The perfect thing for all lovers of literature! Stack your favorite novels, wrap them in lights and you have one wordy tree.

Stacked Book TreeThe Family Sponge



19. Yard Stick Tree

If you can pool together some of your old rulers from around the house, drill them together to create a miniature, vintage-looking tree.

Ruler TreeeOrganized Clutter



20. Wrapping Paper Tree

Take advantage of all your extra wrapping paper and tape them to a wall to create a DIY paper tree.

Gift Wrap TreeA Little Tipsy



21. String Lights Tree

Skip the decorating step and pin your tree lights into a Christmas tree shape to put your presents under this year.

String Light TreeMartha Stewart



22. Metal Funnel Tree

This funnel tree can be put together in a pinch and has a really edgy look.

Metal TreeOrganized Clutter Queen



23. Pipe Tree

This very modern take on the Christmas tree requires some PVC piping. How fun would this be to decorate?



Pipe TreeMartha Stewart



24. Dress Tree

For the fashionista, wrap tinsel and decorations around the wire skirt of a mannequin for a trendy look.

Dress TreeStyle Estate



25. Flower Tree

Get your hands on a foam cone and some of these beautiful paper flowers. Pin them so they overlapping each other to make a lovely, feminine little tree.

Christmas Tree Crafts EditedThe Wow Style



Which of these alternative Christmas trees will you try this year? Share your thoughts and any ideas you have in the comments section below.