26 Brilliant Ways to Make Cookies Out of Cake Mix

For those of us who love baking and enjoying treats fresh from the oven, but who also don’t have a lot of extra time, a good boxed cake mix can be a total lifesaver that lets us have the best of both worlds. We’ve often wished we could enjoy that convenience when it comes to other baked goods, but when it comes to anything that’s not a cake or a brownie, our options have been limited— until now! That’s because there are more recipes for cake mix cookies than ever before, and the baking masters around the internet are coming up with more and more ways to capture creative cookie flavors with this easiest of methods. The Frugal Girls’ recent list alerted us to all the options out there, and we just had to see which cookies we needed to try. Here’s what we found.

  1. Easter Cookie Bars

    These Easter-themed cookie bars are not only simple and made with cake mix, they’re easy to adapt to OTHER holidays, too. Play around with the kinds of Peeps and the cake mix flavors to create variations for a whole year of celebrations.

  2. Patriotic

    Easter’s not the only holiday inspiring sweet treats! The Fourth of July provides plenty of cake mix cookie ideas, like these Patriotic cookies . . .

  3. Firecracker

    . . . and these Firecracker versions made with Pop Rocks!

  4. Pumpkin Spice Latte

    And when fall comes around, or when you get a craving for autumnal flavors? Try Pumpkin Spice Latte cake cookies, of course!

  5. White Chocolate Peppermint

    When we say “cookie,” most people think, “Christmas!” While these cookies are sweet enough for that winter holiday, they’re also easy and refreshing enough to whip up and enjoy any time you get a craving.

  6. Red Velvet

    One of the best things about making cookies from cake mix is that you can easily create all kinds of special cookie flavors. Case in point? These red velvet cookies, complete with white chocolate chips.

  7. Reese’s Pieces Chocolate

    The easiest path to chocolate-peanut-butter-bliss starts in the cake mix aisle.

  8. Butterfinger

    Want more candy in your cookies? Try these ones made with Butterfinger Baking Bits . . .

  9. Milky Way

    . . . Milky Way Bites . . .

  10. Rolo-Stuffed Chocolate

    . . . Rolos . . .

  11. Dark Chocolate Andes Mint

    . . . Andes Mints . . .

  12. Heath Toffee

    . . . Heath English Toffee Bits baking chips . . .

  13. Almond Joy

    . . . or these ones that mimic Almond Joys!

  14. Peanut Butter

    Need more peanut butter? Try this easy version of the classic cookie!

  15. Fudge Crinkles

    Want the fudgiest cookies ever? Try making this “crinkle” kind with Devil’s Food cake mix!

  16. Lemon Crinkle

    Love the texture of those crinkle cookies? You don’t have to stick with chocolate! Try this lemon twist . . .

  17. Carrot Cake Crinkle

    . . . or this carrot cake version!

  18. Triple Chocolate Fudge

    Need even MORE chocolate? Try these cookies made with chocolate chips AND triple chocolate fudge cake mix.

  19. Sugar Kiss

    You don’t have to wait until the holidays to enjoy these classic cookies— and they don’t have to be peanut butter, either! Use cake mix to make “cheaters’” sugar cookies, and use colorful sprinkles and a variety of kiss candies to enjoy them all year.

  20. Strawberry Chocolate Chip

    Getting a strong strawberry flavor in a cookie can be surprisingly difficult. One easy way to guarantee it? Cake mix, of course!

  21. Strawberry Coconut

    Want a little more variety to your strawberry cookies? Try this version that adds coconut flakes for a tropical twist.

  22. Chocolate Chip

    It wouldn’t be a cookie list if we didn’t have some classic flavors, and what’s more classic than chocolate chip?

  23. Snickerdoodle

    Another great classic cookie? Snickerdoodles! These are made with yellow cake mix, sugar and cinnamon.

  24. French Vanilla Buttercream

    Since you top a cake with buttercream frosting, why not top a cakey cookie with it? It adds an extra festive touch to your cookies and makes them taste like they’re straight from the bakery.

  25. Funfetti

    These gooey butter cookies turn every kid’s favorite colorful cake into the happiest bite-sized treats. When they’re coated in powdered sugar, they’re similar to wedding cookies, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

  26. 3-Ingredient

    Let cake mix simplify your baking! This method adds just eggs and vegetable oil for soft, chewy, tasty treats in no time at all.

Need even more ideas? Be sure to check out this list from The Frugal Girls for all kinds of fun flavor combinations. Are there any cake cookies we missed? Have you ever made any of the recipes on this list before?