If you’re looking to really get your home super-organized, there’s one tool you absolutely have to have. We’re not talking about a fancy organizer from an overpriced specialty store. No, we’re talking about a humble item you can get at the dollar or drug store: command strip hooks! Turns out, there’s no limit to the ways you can use these simple, sticky hooks to make every room of your home tidier and even more lovely! Taking inspiration from Lifehacker, we scoured the Internet for TWENTY-FIVE of the best.

  1. Hide your mixer cord
    MixerCordCoiledOnCommandHookForListDimplicity via Pinterest

    Keep your counters ultra-organized by keeping the cord of your mixer – and other small appliances! – looped around a command hook.

  2. Keep chair cushions from slipping
    StickOnCushionsForListPepper Design Blog via Good Housekeeping

    Rather than worrying with easy-to-rip ties, make use of command strips’ stickiness and use them to keep your cushions in place. Bonus— they’re easy to remove when they need a wash!

  3. DIY a car garbage can
    CommandHookGarbageBagMommy Savers via Good Housekeeping

    Corral all the trash in your car and keep it discreet by attaching it to a hidden spot with a command strip.

  4. Make a foldable tray table
    CommandStripTrayTableYoung House Love via Good Housekeeping

    Yup, this little side table is made with command strips! All you need are a luggage rack and a tray, and you’ve got an easy take-apart, fold-away table whenever you need more surface space in your bedroom.

  5. Create one-of-a-kind window treatments
    MasonJarFlowerWindowTreatmentIt All Started With Paint via Real Housemoms

    Who says curtains are the only acceptable window treatments? Use them to suspend mason jar flower vases for a one-of-a-kind garden.

  6. Make holiday decorating easier
    ChristmasDecorationsforListThe Inspired Room via Real Housemoms

    We hang up more stuff around the holidays than any other time of year, but that doesn’t mean we need or want extra holes all year. Command hooks solve that problem easily!

  7. Hook your bibs
    BibHookforListDefinitely Jennifer via DIY & Crafts

    Sometimes the simplest solutions are the smartest! Hang your babies’ bibs where they’ll need them the most.

  8. Keep your rings safe
    RingHookForListBride and Joy via DIY & Crafts

    Anybody who takes off her wedding rings to do the washing-up has known the panic of forgetting where she put them. Never experience that feeling again by keeping a hook handy to keep them safe!

  9. DIY a canopy bed
    CommandHookCanopyBedThe Naked Coed via DIY & Crafts

    Whether it’s a dorm room, a rental or just a bed or room you don’t want to drill holes in, you can still have all the fun of a canopy bed, thanks to command hooks.

  10. Hang up your hair tools

    Those troublesome cords become an organizational help when you combine them with command hooks to hang up your flat iron, curling iron, and blow dryer.

  11. Hang up your stand mixer attachments
    MixerAttachmentsonHooksGina @ Shabby Creek Cottage via Pinterest

    We all know about hanging up our measuring cups, spoons and utensils, but you have you heard about THIS one? What a great idea to get those large, bulk attachments out of the way!

  12. Hide cables and cords
    CablesOrganizedbyCommandStripsHi Sugarplum! via Lifehacker

    This one’s a matter of safety AND aesthetics. Keep those cords tucked away and untangled for peace of mind.

  13. Mount your router on the wall

    Want better Wi-Fi reception throughout your house? Mount your router up high using command hooks.

  14. Keep your garbage bags slip-free

    Nothing makes taking out the garbage worse than a bag that’s slipped down inside the can. Prevent that from happening with some cleverly-placed command hooks.

  15. Create tablet stations

    Use your tablet for everything from recipes to music to entertaining the kids? Make sure there’s always a safe place to put it!

  16. Display art
    ChangeableArtDisplayforListBe A Fun Mum via Lifehacker

    Run out of room on the refrigerator? Create an easy and easily-changed display for all of your kids’ art!

  17. Hang floating shelves
    ScrabbleTileHoldersCommandStripListOrganized Simplicity via Good Housekeeping

    Want to go even bolder with your artwork display? Combine old Scrabble tile holders with command strips for the tiniest, cutest floating shelves ever!

  18. Make a collage wall
    CommandStripGalleryWallPretty Providence via Good Housekeeping

    Command strips are great for more grown-up art, too! Create a gallery wall without punching a ton of holes in your walls. It’s especially a great idea for renters!

  19. Store toothbrushes
    MountedToothbrushesKelly N Jared Stover via Lifehacker

    Want to keep toothbrushes out of sight and away from germs? Mount them inside your medicine cabinet with command hooks!

  20. Hang headphones right by your monitor
    HeadphoneHooksSliding Into Second Grade via Lifehacker

    Never lose your headphones again! Hang them right by your monitor, either on the back or the sides. You can also use clear hooks for a more camouflaged look!

  21. Hang curtain rods
    CurtainRodHangingonHookforListicle3M via Lifehacker

    Especially perfect for apartment-dwellers! Hang curtains wherever you want, just by putting up some command strip hooks.

  22. Make a shoe rack
    CurtainRodCommanStripShoeRack3M via Lifehacker

    Another thing you can do with that curtain-rod-on-command-strips? Make an easy, space-saving shoe rack!

  23. Organize craft supplies
    CommandHookWashiTapeOrganizationScattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom via Real Housemoms

    Instead of a curtain rod, use those command strips to hold up a dowel and organize craft supplies like ribbon or washi tape. We bet you could DIY some gift wrap this way, too!

  24. Keep kids’ art supplies neat
    BucketsofKidsArtSuppliesforListDelightful Mom via Real Housemoms

    Once your art supplies are organized, move on to your kids’! Especially if you’re low on surface space, attaching buckets to the sides of the table with command hooks is a great trick!

  25. Organize pot lids

    Spread out some hooks on the backs of your cabinet doors to give them someplace to rest without falling and free up some space in your cabinets or on your countertops.

These tricks are so, so smart. Which ones are you going to try?