These 25 must-see diagrams will make eating healthy super easy. You’ll even feel healhtier looking at them:

1. Top 17 Heart Healthy Foods you can Eat.

The Top 17 Foods for Heart HealthCleveland Clinic
The Top 17 Foods for Heart Health

2. What’s a Serving of Fruit?


The French are sticklers for having 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day. There’s even a chain of cafes their called “5 a Day”

3. Nutrious 5-minute dinners in a flash

For more information on what makes these meals so easy: Healthy, Nutritious meals in 5 minutes flat, via Women’s Health.

4. Say goodbye to rotten avacados

Never buy a rotten Avacado againMore on this here.

5. How to build the perfect smoothie


Smoothies can’t be this healthy, they’re so damnd delicous. Visit Lexi’s Clean Kitchen to read more about them.

6. 3 Ingredient smoothies are too easy not to make


7. Portable Mason jar salad – Yes Please!

Here’s the Rcipe Mason Jar Salad.

8. This chart is steeped with tea wisdom

What’s a coffee? You can read about the various kinds of teas here.

9. 10 Easy Soups in a pinch

It’s all about knowing the base and experimenting. All Souped Up.

10. Nothing beats homemade salad dressing. Sorry Hidden Valley

This is your ticket to freedom from all the salt in store-bought salads. DIY Salad Dressing

11. The nutrionist’s shopping list

Abs and buns of steel with this great shopping list The Ultimate Healthy Grocery List When You’re Cooking for One

12. The Go-to Grains Cooking Guide

It’s pretty much two parts water to one part grain except for wild rice. Pro-Chef-Tip: if you want softer & fluffier add just a little extra water. How to Cook Grains.

13. Portion Size cheat sheet

An essential skill that pros rely on in a pinch.

14. Best Veggie protein sources

Love adding Chia seeds to smoothies! 12 Complete Proteins Vegetarians Need to Know About

15. Sugar by another name. Sneaky sneaks

Expeiments have shown rats to prefer sugar to cocaine. That will tell you something. Check out 56 Different Names for Sugar, viaWomen’s Health for more.

16. What 200 Calories of nuts looks like

Nuts are my go-to snack when traveling or on-the-go.

17. Top 15 Nutrient Rich Veggies

There’s nothing like crisp romaine.

18. Yum Hum Hummis

Hummis is one of the lowest glycemic-load foods.  So it’s super filling. Click here for more 13 Different Ways to Make Hummus .

19. Here’s how long you marinate your meat.


Never had much luck getting flavorful chicken except by brining How to Marinate and Make Better Food.

20. Healthy baking ingredient substitutions .


Cookies & cakes just got good news:  check out this: 83 Healthy Recipe Substitutions, by the Greatist.

21. Salad mix-and-match guide for extra pazzaz.

Banish salad boredom with this : Salads That’ll Make You Love Lunch Again, from Prevention.

22. Where are those vitamins?

The ABC’s of vitamins.

23. The superfood alphabet.

How many can you name just by looking at the image. check answers here: The Healthiest Superfoods, A – Z, via Greatist.

24. Food storage cheat sheet.

Where was this 10 years ago. Knowing what to put in the fridge and what not to would have saved me some decent bucks.

25. Is it Paleo?

This food guide will help you find your prehistoric diet.