Did you know that there are companies out there that will send you coupons if only you ask? Kristen over at Couponers Unite does this all the time. All you have to do is email them – either with positive feedback or advice – and they’ll most likely send you high value coupons with long expiration dates. Just be sure to include your mailing address so they know where to send those coupons!

Here are just some of the companies that have been known to send coupons out to those who ask:

  1. Aleve
    The popular pain-reliever is also a great place to get coupons for other medications, like aspirin, under the Bayer brand.
  2. Alka Seltzer
    Do you like to keep this fizzy product around for frequent heartburn, gas, and other stomach ailments? Make sure you’re saving while you stock up with coupons for all Alka Seltzer varieties and other Bayer meds.
  3. Angel Soft
    No matter which variety of this popular toilet paper brand you buy, you can save money on it with coupons straight from the source.
  4. Apple & Eve
    This juice brand might have “apple” in its name, but it offers a whole bunch of different drinks, including no-sugar-added, fruit-and-veggie mixes, hydrating coconut water and – your kids will love this! – Sesame Street branded ones.
  5. Bigelow Tea
    This classic tea brand has been around since 1945, but their offerings are absolutely modern. You’ll find classic tastes like black and green teas right alongside gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, fair-trade and K-cup varities!
  6. Birds Eye
    Pinnacle Foods owns the frozen vegetable brand, so contact them for coupons for everything from straight frozen veggies to sauced sides to ready-to-enjoy entrees.
  7. Blistex
    It is winter, after all, so shouldn’t you want to protect your family from chapped lips? There are more kinds available than you might imagine – fruity! Ultra-hydrating! Cocoa butter! – and you can get coupons for them all here.
  8. Blue Bunny Ice Cream
    This classic American brand comes from Le Mars, Iowa, “The Ice Cream Capital of the World.” Whether you want classic vanilla, a birthday-cake-flavored ice cream sandwich or a strawberry sundae crunch bar, they’ve got you covered.
  9. Chiquita
    Yup, even bananas are getting in on the coupon action! Don’t forget that Chiquita also offers pineapples, the Fresh Express salad brand, and “Bites” of on-the-go fruits and veggies.
  10. Crayola
    Need to stock up on school supplies? Save on everything from crayons to paper to silly putty by contacting Crayola first.
  11. Dannon
    Can’t get enough yogurt? Dannon offers all kinds of varieties and brands, including Activia, D’animals, fruit-on-the-bottom and Oikos Greek yogurt.
  12. Duncan Hines
    Frosting? Cake mix? Brownies? Muffins? If you’re baking it, Duncan Hines makes it— and a coupon for it, if you contact their parent company Pinnacle Foods.
  13. Folgers
    One of the most popular kinds of make-at-home coffee is easy to contact. Reach out about their iced coffees, creamers, K-cups, instant, single-serve or regular ground kinds.
  14. Fresh Express
    Love the Fresh Express salad kits and want to talk to them directly? Just click this link and you totally can!
  15. Glad
    Everybody’s tried a Glad product at least once in her life, so why not grab some coupons for it? Use them for trash bags, plastic wrap, food storage containers and much more.
  16. Honest
    This tea company specializes in iced tea, kid-friendly fruit juice pouches, zero-calorie sodas and lemonades, all organic and in environmentally-friendly packaging. Even their contact page is friendly, calling it “Reach out to Seth and Barry,” the company’s founders.
  17. Kashi
    The Kashi brand is all about all-natural, non-GMO, whole and “real” foods. Get in touch with them for information on and coupons for their cereals, muesli, crackers, snack bars and more!
  18. Kraft
    We’re ALL familiar with Kraft, aren’t we? This huge company owns all kinds of food brands, so definitely reach out to them with feedback and get coupons to save money on just about anything and everything.
  19. Lipton
    Lipton – the tea brand! – is owned by Unilever, so reaching out to them might get you not only coupons for one of the most popular teas, but also Country Crock butter, Degree deodorant, Dove products, Klondike bars, and much, much more.
  20. Mott’s
    Contacting Mott’s will get you more than just applesauce. The company also makes fruit snacks and all kinds of different fruit and veggie juices.
  21. Ore Ida
    If it’s made out of potato, Ore Ida makes a version of it— and you should get a coupon for it! French fries, tater tots, hash browns, chips— you name it, you got it.
  22. Smuckers
    Say Smuckers and most people probably think of its jams, especially the classic strawberry variety. Smuckers also offers blended fruit juices, peanut butter, ice cream toppings, and even pre-made sandwiches.
  23. Stonyfield
    Stonyfield is a classic dairy company in New Hampshire that is now certified organic, which they define on their website as foods made “without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics and GMOs.” They make nearly every dairy product you can think of, including yogurt, smoothies, milk and ice cream.
  24. Tyson
    Want to save time along with your money? Tyson specializes in products we’ve often seen in quick recipes, like precooked appetizers, slow cooker kits, and all kinds of chicken items, both fresh and frozen.
  25. Zatarain’s
    You probably know Zatarain’s for their rice and their catchy commercial jingle, but they’re also associated with the McCormick, Old Bay and Lawry’s spice brands. Contact them for all your spice, rice and spicy rice needs.