We’re going to get straight to the point. What you’re about to see is not for people who have OCD, have perfectionist tendencies, or are uptight.

The photos below capture moments of weird, confusing, or epic mess-ups for which there are really no excuses. None. You will question decision-making processes. You will question possibilities. You will also feel like questioning whomever was in charge.

The point? To laugh your butt off! Go ahead and scroll through these fails caught on camera and be prepared to go into full-on facepalm mode.

  1. These were such a big hit at the family reunion that we’re ordering from the same company next year!

  2. Remember to take the path less traveled. . .because it’s going absolutely nowhere.

  3. It’s a huge sign. . .that this ski lift may not be that comfortable.

  4. Who? How? Why? Not only did someone defile a Kit-Kat, but they had the nerve to put it on a fancy plate.

  5. So thoughtful that someone took the time to do this. Seriously.

  6. An engineering marvel!

  7. What the? Somebody decided to go off on their own tangent here.

  8. Business is booming!

  9. Their phone must be ringing off the hook.

  10. Anyone have any idea how long it takes to paint these giant warnings on streets? Exactly.

  11. Even the mannequins on the floor are too creeped out to look. Would you buy your child’s clothes from here?

  12. Knock knock. Who’s there? We’re here to deliver your new sectional!

  13. We suggest using this bathroom one at a time.

  14. And this one too, because only urinals get doors here.

  15. “But Boss, you said don’t stop until the asphalt runs out.”

  16. This is why your Uber was late.

  17. Pure genius – especially in the winter.

  18. And you thought your ATM fees were high.

  19. This is the type of stuff that nightmares are made of.

  20. Fail. Just fail. And notice the helpful railing on the side.

  21. Yoda retired from the Jedis to train property managers in parking mind tricks.

  22. Only $2.59 per pound? Woo hoo! Now you can spend the extra cash on breaded fingers!

  23. Heed the sign: absolutely none of this is allowed in the park!

  24. Those floods can be so rood to roads.

  25. OR ELSE!

Though no one is perfect, you have to wonder how some of these design choices got past the planning stage. For those of you who did in fact cringe through most of these photos, don’t let stuff like this happen on your watch!

We know some of these had you shaking your head in disbelief or scratching it out of confusion, but we hope you got a good laugh!

Which of these tickled you the most? Have you caught similar funny images on camera?