It seems like people are coming up with new life hacks every day. And while it’s wonderful to have so many tricks in our arsenal to make life easier, it can be tricky to tell which hacks are actually worthwhile. That’s why we’ve come up with a comprehensive list of those tried-and-true life hacks you’ll definitely want to keep in your back pocket!

1. Make round sandwich meat work on square bread.


2. You don’t have to open an avocado to know what it looks like inside.

13Snappy Pixels

3. No more fussing to find the start of the tape!

2Dump A Day

4. Two words: bacon pancakes.


5. Clearing your inbox is a breeze.

21Slow Robot

6. Use chopsticks and you won’t have Cheetos fingers anymore.

5Foodie Robots

7. Sick of your pens being stolen? Try this.

6Epic Dash

8. Or you can do this on a daily basis.


9. Use ketchup holders the way they were intended to be used.

19Wonderful Engineering

10. For those times when you can’t reach the wick.

8Twisted Sifter

11. This is so effective!

9Why Don't You Try This?

12. Too many crumbs in your cereal? Use a colander.


13. Leftovers will taste so much better with this trick.

10St. Albert's Place On The Web

14. Cat-proof and baby-proof.


15. Working on a ladder? Throw a magnet in your shirt pocket to keep screws handy.


16. First world problem solved! Now you can watch movies in bed while lying on your side.


17. Don’t panic the next time you lose an earring under a piece of furniture.

14Top Dreamer

18. Baggage claim just got a lot less stressful.

15Little White Lion

19. Don’t worry about kids falling out of bed again.


20. Charge your phone faster with this tip.


21. You don’t need dryer sheets if you have aluminum foil.

20The Meta Picture

22. If your gas cap comes all the way off.


23. Impress breakfast guests with circular eggs.

24Good Wall

24. This could definitely come in handy in a pinch.


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