When a baby is born, parents look to make sure the baby is normal in every day, for example, counting the fingers and toes. Even though newborn babies often look a little squished up, they are beautiful to their parents no matter what they look like.

Many newborn babies are born with a little bit of hair, but it is not all that common for a baby to have super thick hair. Even if they do, it is common for baby hair to fall out a few months after birth and grow back, possibly even a different color.

Parents are sharing pictures of their babies to prove that sometimes babies do actually have super thick almost out of control hair. Scroll down to see some adorable babies and their impressive locks.

  1. A facebook friend shared this picture of a baby with the whitest hair I’ve ever seen. from r/pics

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  4. This is what newborn norwegians looks like.

  5. My friends baby was born with Conan hair! from r/pics

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  7. A buddy of mine had his first daughter this past year and no that is not a wig from r/pics

  8. 2 Months Old, Not A Wig… from r/aww

  9. Born with a Full Head of Hair