21 Pallet DIYs for Summer That Your Kids Will Love


School’s out for the summer! It’s time for the kids to get outside and spend time in the backyard for some old fashioned summer fun, amirite?

Well, maybe parents wants their kids to spend time in the sun. But chances are, your kids like to be outside for a hot second before they follow up with “I’m bored,” and “I want to play on my phone.”

If you’re struggling to get them to play outside for longer than eight seconds, we have your answer: DIY pallet projects.

Before you say you don’t have the time or money for that, know that you can make these in a short period of time, for a very inexpensive cost. You can find pallets for relatively low costs from small businesses like a hardware store or pet supply store, newspaper company, construction site, or Craigslist and the Facebook marketplace app. Then how you choose to use them is sky’s the limit. 

Take a cue from these parents who made these super creative pallet creations all on their own, for little money, which is guaranteed for kiddie fun all summer long.

  1. Sandbox

    A pallet becomes a play-in sandbox in no time: Just add sand and toys.

  2. Hammock bed

    They may not be running around burning off their energy, but hey, they’re still outside.

  3. Outdoor kitchen

    Kids love to play house, but it’s usually an indoor game. Bring it outside with this adorable DIY play set.

  4. Rock wall

    A mini personalized rock wall for a mini adventurous human.

  5. Sand pit

    This one has benches you can sit on!

  6. Bike ramp

    Bike riding is way more fun on a DIY pallet ramp.

  7. Ball in basket

    Imagine the endless hours of the kids throwing balls into these baskets.

  8. Tent

    This tent provides a nice retreat for the tween both during the day and at night.

  9. Kiosk

    Bring your lil lady’s tea party to a whole new level.

  10. Playhouse

    Get creative with the type of playhouse you create. This is great for the train lover!

  11. Jungle gym

    You definitely won’t have any trouble getting them to play outside with a contraption like this one.

  12. Lemonade stand

    Selling lemonade just got a heck of a lot more fun.

  13. Tool bench

    A little tyke needs one of these just as much as his Daddy does.

  14. Fire pit chairs

    How cute are these little pallet chairs for your child and the rest of their friends?

  15. Mud kitchen

    The more fun nooks and crannies you build, the more things the kids can store in here.

  16. Cornhole

    Cornhole can provide hours of outdoor fun, and is especially useful if you have more than one kid.

  17. Outdoor swing


  18. Fort

    They’ll completely forget about the couch fort once they see this outdoor DIY masterpiece.

  19. Gas station

    I mean, how can you ride a bike if you don’t have your very own gas station for it? Bonus: It doubles as a place to store the bike as well.

  20. Picnic table

    So much cheaper than buying one! And so much cuter.

  21. Adirondack chair

    A kid-proof relaxation station.

Which one is your favorite DIY pallet idea from this list? Which one are you going to try first?

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