Many people who go on diets to try to lose weight wonder why they are struggling to drop the pounds. They follow advice like switching to healthier foods, but sometimes, it’s hard to know what’s truly healthy and what isn’t.

Some foods that we’ve been told are healthy actually have more fat and calories than foods that we believe are less healthy. For example, did you know that sweet potatoes actually have more calories than regular potatoes? Substituting sweet potato fries for regular french fries is not the best health decision.

Sometimes it’s easier to understand the truth about food with an easy side by side comparison. Instagram user Graeme Tomlinson has created great comparison charts on his account @thefitnesschef_.  Scroll down to see for yourself why those “diet” foods aren’t necessarily the best idea if you want to lose weight. On the flip side, you might also discover that some foods you’ve been denying yourself aren’t nearly as bad for you as you thought.