When it comes to bathroom decor, nothing makes a statement more than the shower curtain. Sure, you could choose a bland solid color shower curtain or something with a simple pattern. That would be perfect for someone who tends to be more serious or likes a traditional style. However, you could also be a little bit more bold and show off a clever sense of humor with a shower curtain.

Some people have created very unique shower curtains. Some of them are even custom designs designed to bring a bit of humor to the bathroom. From shower curtains that make it look like someone is in the shower to shower curtains that make the shower look like something completely different than a shower, these pieces of waterproof fabric can really make a statement.

Scroll down to see 21 of the most incredible shower curtains we’ve ever seen. Maybe you’ll be inspired to add a unique shower curtain to your bathroom, or maybe they’ll simply make you smile.

  1. It Appears See-Through, But It’s Not

  2. A Cat In the Shower

    My wife is gonna love our new shower curtain

  3. A Japanese Shower Curtain


  4. Jesus in the Shower

  5. Plant Stand

  6. Forest Shower Curtain


  7. Fire-Breathing Manatee

  8. The Little Mermaid Cat

  9. Perfect If You Love Cats


  10. King Sloth

  11. That’s a Great Pun

  12. The Element of Surprise

  13. Shower Error

    I’ll see your shower curtain and raise you my shower curtain

  14. A Shower Turned Library

  15. A Very Creative Custom Design

  16. Dinos Take Showers Too, Right?

  17. A Day at the Beach


  18. Cookie Monster as a Wave

  19. A Greenhouse

  20. Beach Sunrise

  21. Bigfoot