There’s no question that the popularity of tattoos has risen astronomically over the past couple of decades. When we were young adults, getting body ink was seen as a real act of rebellion – one that could even hurt future job prospects – but these days, things are much, much different. Heck, even our kid’s kindergarten teacher flaunts colorful tats all up and down her arms!

That being said, not all tattoo enthusiasts want to show off their ink ALL of the time, and understandably so— sometimes it’s nice to cover up the art every once in a while.

Because of this, we scoured the Internet and eventually found 19 of our absolute favorite “hidden” tattoos. These pieces of body art prove that you can go from edgy to demure in the time that it takes to throw on an extra piece of clothing!

  1. An Inguz symbol on your heel

    You’ve likely seen these “double crosses” before, but do you know what it means? It’s called an Inguz symbol, it’s Greek and it translates to: “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” Who knew your feet could be so inspirational?

  2. A hidden wave on your ribcage

    What better way to show your love of the ocean than by revealing your nautical-inspired ink on the beach?

  3. A dainty flower behind your ear

    This sweet, super feminine tat is the perfect choice for all of you nature-lovers. For a brighter flower, add a splash of your favorite pastel hue!

  4. Or a floral stem on your shoulder

    If the idea of a getting a tattoo on your skull (yikes!) creeps you out, consider this sweet stem on your collarbone.

  5. Peter Pan on your heel

    The spirit of childhood symbolized in a tasteful, understated tat? Yes, please!

  6. The Eiffel Tower in your ear

    Display your French aesthetic with this unique homage to the Parisian monument.

  7. A celestial combo on your fingers

    Frequently find yourself looking skyward? These space-themed tattoos are the ones for you!

  8. Or on your back

    Keep your love of astronomy under wraps with this sun and moon back tat.

  9. A jumping stick figure on your palm

    Yep, this sweet trampoliner actually “jumps” when you move the palm of your hand. Entertainment for hours!

  10. Birdies flying over your shoulder blade

    These mini tattoos exude a sense of adventure and freedom. A must for all of you who live your lives on your own terms!

  11. A mustache on your finger

    Love the look of a ‘statche, but hate the upkeep involved? Problem. Solved.

  12. An animal footprint on your toe

    Show your four-legged friends some love with this SUPER-hidden animal-print-inspired tattoo. How funny is that?!

  13. A skull on the base of your skull

    Who knew that tattoos could be so on the nose— or on the skull, for that matter?

  14. A pendant on your breastbone

    Give your low-cut tops a permanent accessory with this daring hidden tattoo.

  15. A pizza on your rear

    Add a splash of humor to the spot that’s MOST affected by your pizza addiction.

  16. A mandala on your hip

    Though this intricate mandala-inspired tat is by far the largest piece of body art on our list, it’s placement makes it so that it’s still very much “hidden.” A beautiful option!

  17. Your area code on your rib cage

    Show off your hometown pride with this ultra low-key area code ink.

  18. A tattoo that will shock your momma on your inner lip

    This tattoo pretty much speaks for itself— and it sure IS hidden!

  19. A semicolon behind your ear

    Nope, this tattoo isn’t for literature buffs. It’s actually a striking suicide prevention statement popularized by Project Semicolon, an organization that works to spread suicide awareness. So, what does a semicolon have to do with the subject? Well, a semicolon punctuates the pause, but not the end of a sentence, a device that can be likened to choosing life over death. Chic AND powerful!

What are your thoughts on these hidden tattoos? Which one is your favorite? Do you have a similar design inked on you?